(While Christianity is sin washing)

(Revelation 1:5) “…and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the first born from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood.”  (KJV)

“To Him who loves us and has  freed  us from our sins by His blood.”  (NIV)

“To Him who loves us and  released  us from our sins by His blood.” (NAS)

Although the words  “Freed”  and  “Released”  implies the same meaning: “to get rid of our sins”, the word “washed”  is more appropriate because it was the shed blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all our sins.

(Hebrews 9:22), “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” (NIV)

(1 John 1:9)“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (KJV)

The tactic of brainwashing is to indoctrinate people by repeating over and over again the same teaching without clear explanation from the Bible until their subjects become blind followers.  Once you have been brainwashed, you will lose your power to reason out.  You will be deprived of the right to question.  You will be deprived of the right to have your own opinion.  You become a fanatic until you will seriously believe a lie.

Fanaticism will deaden your reasoning power.  Your common sense will not function any more once you become a fanatic.  Fanaticism will not respect a person. Rich or poor, educated or ignorant, man or woman, young or old, fanaticism will not respect a person.

But God is a fair God.  To avoid becoming a fanatic, the Creator has given each one of us common sense.   The reason why it is called common sense is because everybody has it.   It is common.   Not because a man is a rocket scientist or a Harvard University Professor, he has more common sense than an unlearned or a man who has not been in school his whole life.  Whether one is educated or ignorant, God has given the same amount of common sense to each one of us.  But the moment the virus of fanaticism attacks,  your common sense cannot function anymore.   If your religious leader will tell you anything,  you will just follow and obey without question.    Fear will grip your heart, because you believe that your leader has spiritual power from God.   That is why anything your spiritual leader says, you will believe because you have been brainwashed.

Heaven’s gate cult religion

Have you read in the newspaper  (I think 30 years ago)  about a group of people belonging to a cult religion called  “THE HEAVEN’S GATES.”  They committed suicide together with their leader,  31 of them because they believed that a UFO would pick them up and they will go to heaven.   The question is that, were those people so dumb and ignorant that they did such thing?   No!  Those people were brilliant, intelligent and educated men.   They were computer engineers.   You cannot be a computer programmer if your  I.Q.  is only average.   But why did they obey their leader without question?    They were fanatics.   That was why.

Maria Idolatria

Another way of causing a person to become a fanatic is through mysticism. Mysticism is to believe that an object like idols, images of Mary and all kinds of gods has power. Don’t believe on healing from idolatry because demons can make counterfeit miracles.  It may be an idol made of wood or stone or anything.   Believed that an amulet has power to charm is mysticism.    Do you believe that a piece of cloth or a bottle of holy water which has been prayed over by a supposedly anointed man of God will make these things have the power to heal?  That is superstition.  That is mysticism.   It will only lead into fanaticism.

Don Stewart-Holy hanky

Don’t get me wrong,  I believe in miracles.  I believe in the gift of the Holy Spirit. I don’t have any problem with that.   But because I was once an extremist,  once a fanatic,  I have a personal experience.   I know what I am talking about.

Once the virus of fanaticism attacks you,  your common sense is of no use.

“EBOLA”  Ebola virus (EBOV) is the most dangerous virus of the Ebolavirus genus, which causes an extremely severe disease in humans.  (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by ebolaviruses.

Ebola virus which disguised as a worm-like particle that invades your body cells has no respect for life; even you are physically healthy person. All it needs is one cough, one sneeze, one drop of saliva, and the virus is loose, making transmission through casual contact in a public places without difficulty.

One accidental mistake or blunder by one person, in releasing his/her blood, sweat, vomit, feces, urine, saliva or semen, the virus is allowed to move freely without any limit. As a result, Ebola virus become a war against a non-human enemy and is likely to attack with no respect, even you are in good physical or mental condition. Can you imagine the kind of enemy the world is facing today which is completely powerful to cause for an earlier or untimely death?

Once the virus infected the body cells, it would be difficult to distinguish between Ebola and malaria, typhoid fever or cholera. Only after a particular period of time of development of virus, do people with Ebola begin bleeding both internally and externally, often through the nose and ears.

Scientists don’t really know how to find Ebola, where it lives; why it is causing a terrifying fast spreading disease is still a mystery.

EBOLA is more dangerous than HIV. Once it attacks a person’s body,  it will deaden your immune system and when your immune system doesn’t function any more,  that’s it! You are finished!

Religion is brainwashing.  That’s their method.  While in Christianity, it is sin washing.   Once you repent from your sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord in your life,  His blood will wash away all your sins.   You are forgiven.   Now, when you become a true believer in Christ,  God will take hold of your heart,  but He will never control your mind.   You still have the power to reason out.   Open your Bible to Isaiah 1:18,   Come now and let us reason together says the Lord,  though your sins are as scarlet,   they will be as white as snow;   though they are red as crimson, they will be like wool.”

God Himself challenged us to reason with Him.   He said,   “Come now let us reason together.”

It is not God’s intention to brainwash Christians.   If there are so called Christian churches that brainwashes their members,  it is not God’s church.   That church is a cultic religion.

Reverend Jim Jones
A vat that contained a drink laced with deadly cyanide sits on a sidewalk at People’s Temple in Jonestown, Guyana in this Nov. 20, 1978 photo. The bodies of followers that drank the cyanide-laced drink are strewn around the commune. (AP Photo/Frank Johnston, Pool)

Mysticism is also a belief that a certain person has power from God and he can read your mind. People are afraid to question their leader because he has a special anointing from God.   That’s what happened to the people that were led by Rev. James Jones.   With blinded mind, they followed their leader.   They were afraid to question because he claimed to be an anointed by God.

They say that a sign that a minister is anointed is a person who has the gift of miracle and healing.   Jesus said in Matthew 7:22-23,  “Many will say to Me on that day Lord,  Lord,  did we not prophesy in your Name,  and in your Name cast out demons,  and in your Name perform many miracles?  And then I will declare to them,  I never know you,  depart from Me you who practice lawlessness.”

They say that they are anointed because they perform miracles.   But Jesus said to them, “I never know you!”

Anyone who is a born again Christian,  the Holy Spirit anoints believer and that anointing remains.  (1st John 2:20) “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you all know.” (Verse 27)  “And as for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you.”  All true believers in Christ are anointed and that anointing remains in them.   As long as you are a true born again Christian,  the Holy Spirit anoints you and that anointing remains in you.

Some Christians are afraid to question people who perform miracles because they thought that only these people are anointed,  and if they question them, it would seem that as if they are questioning God.

Beware of becoming a fanatic.  Use your common sense.   Don’t be afraid to question the motives of your leader if you have doubts.   If that leader teaches doctrines that contradict the Bible,  then get out from there as fast as you can.

Religion is brainwashing and all kinds of superstitions and fanaticism is there. Christianity is sin washing not brainwashing.

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